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Ellie Crimson

1130 University Blvd B-4 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 36850 205-345-3155

 Ellie Boutique

113 North College Street Auburn, Alabama 36830 334-887-4226

Ellie Shoe Boutique

116 North College Street Auburn, Alabama 36830 334-887-0008

  • Transitioning into Fall

    It’s about that time again, ladies – time to start thinking about essentials for your fall wardrobe.  The problem is, that sun is still blazing outside.  We’ve got a couple warm months ahead of us, but that crisp fall weather is just around the corner, and the last thing you want is to be stuck […]
  • Sweeter Than Sugar…Scrub, That Is

    Summer is a beautiful time…there’s nothing quite like it.  However, all that sun can really take a toll on your skin.  While you may be beautifully bronzed one day, suddenly you wake up and BAM!  It’s like your skin is causing a snow flurry.  And it gets everywhere – your clothes, your bed, the floor, […]
  • Your Bikini Body – It’s Not Too Late!

    Summer ain’t over yet, ladies!  We are still (technically) in bikini season, and it’s not too late to whip that body of yours into gear.  Whether you want to target your upper body, core, or lower body (let’s be honest…that booty), we’ve got some great workout tips to get a total body workout on the […]
  • Our Model Picks For Game Day 2014

    The votes are in and Game Day 2014 scores a perfect 10. We’ve gathered tons of new looks to take you from tailgating to the stadium this fall (100 to be exact). Our models have voted for their favorite looks too and we want to share those with you while you scope out YOUR favorites. […]