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Ellie Crimson

1130 University Blvd B-4 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 36850


Ellie Boutique

113 North College Street Auburn, Alabama 36830


Ellie Shoe Boutique

116 North College Street Auburn, Alabama 36830


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Adult Acne – The Science Behind the Breakouts

You thought the worst was over.  Puberty ended years ago, as did the awkward stage (okay, let’s be honest…maybe not so much the awkward stage), which means you should be home-free.  Right? Unfortunately, while those rough and angst-ridden teenage years may be long gone, those pesky and painful bumps seem to be here to stay. […]

Happy Easter!

Easter is finally here, Ellie gals!  We hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, loved ones, laughter, and thankfulness.  As with any holiday, Easter is often filled with fun family traditions and activities. image courtesy of Kelly Pool and Natalie Gilbert We’ve polled our Ellie owners and employees to see what their favorite […]

The Challenge Begins

What’s on your bucket list?  Do you want to travel?  Eat (and drink) your way across Italy?  Write the Great American Novel?  Touch the lives of people in a foreign land?  We’ve all got a list of dreams that we want to accomplish during our lifetime.  The problem is, we so often tag the items […]

Today in History – Gatsby

Today is Throwback Thursday – Gatsby style.  Today marks the 89th anniversary of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s groundbreaking and sparkling work, The Great Gatsby. image courtesy of wikipedia Published on April 10, 1925, The Great Gatsby is widely recognized as both Fitzgerald’s greatest work, as well as the definitive snapshot of the Roaring Twenties.  Unfortunately, Fitzgerald was not […]